Terms and conditions


The borrower must be at least 15 years old.

The registration fee is 10€ (incl. 24% VAT) and a the deposit fee is 40€ / credit card info.In case of cash deposit we kindly ask you to have exact change. The deposit fee will be returned after the key has been given back to the Tourist information. The borrower has to accept all of the conditions. If there are any questions regarding the terms of use or other issues, call Visit Tampere tourist info at +358 3 565 66 800 or Citybike info at +35840 800 7235.


The borrower has a right to borrow any city bike available. The availability of the bikes cannot be guaranteed.

The city bike can only be kept in a bike stand appointed for the city bikes. Use of personal locks is forbidden. The bike must not be left anywhere unlocked or unattended. It is also forbidden to keep the bike permanently. Use for illegal purposes is forbidden. The Tourist information has a right to seize the city bike if it has been used against the rules.


The Citybike and its key are at the responsibility of the borrower until both have been appropriately returned. Possible damages to self or others, and to property, are at the responsibility of the borrower.

The borrower is obligated to compensate for any possible damages to the bike and also for all the missing parts that have been lost during the rental period. Any damages which are due to normal use, such as a punctured tire, are not expected to be compensated for.

The borrower has to check that the bike is fully operational before taking it into use. A possible damage inflicted on the bike, included theft and a traffic accident, must be immediately informed to the Tourist information. In case of damage, 200€ is the maximum charge (it will be charged if the bike is beyond repair and in cases of theft, losing the bike or failing to return it).


The key can be fetched and returned during opening hours of the Tourist information. The key is personal. If it’s handed to someone, the responsibility and accountability still remains on the original owner and holder of the key. If the key is lost, the borrower will lose the deposit fee. Inform the tourist information about the missing key immediately.

The key has to be returned to the Tourist information by November 1st, 2016. The 40€ deposit fee will be refunded to the borrower’s account after the key has been given back. If customer returns the key later, the deposit will not be returned.