Summer with Citybike

17.6.2014 I´ve ventured about in my home town Tampere over ten years, but I think I´ll never stop finding inspirational places or people. I´m 17-yearold girl who loves doing sports, culture and adventures! Even my school trips get more points of view when I can see citizen’s facial expressions on their every-day routines or listen to birds singing in trees of Hämeenpuisto. I´ve done my most exiting journeys here  by bike. No sight is too far here to hop on a bike and enjoy the route in fresh air. In this blog you can find the must-see sights of Tampere and access to the city in local´s eyes. Join me and explore this city with your all senses by bike. Not just taking one-sided looks in a taxi.

23.6.2014 Behind good bikes While we can enjoy the scenery of Tampere with Tampere citybike, sometimes is important to stop and think, who are the people that we should be grateful to. In the case of Tampere city bikes I ́m going to say thank you for Etappi association. Etappi organizes workshops for people who find it hard to get employed. Through these workshops it is easy to build up new skills. I was surprised to find out how diversely Etappi acts. People can choose between customer service, reparation and media tasks. Etappi has four different workshops : Hiking equipment rentals, Car reparations, Bike Reparations and Media studio. “Everyone can find their own cup of tea here” says Kauko Salmivirta, the executive manager of Etappi. In Tampere city bike -project Etappi is the one who makes sure that bikes keep rolling. If you have any problems with your city bike, you can call to the number on a bike ́s frame. I ́ll answer your questions and forward technical problems to Etappi. Cycling in Tampere is not only good for you but also it is safe and easy thanks to Etappi.

31.7.2014 Grey wind blows in my face. I hopped off my bicycle in front of Eco Fellows’ office and I stepped into the warm, whirring stairway. My feet trembled; I’ve got the most exiting summer job ever. We had met before with Eco Fellows when I had a period of work experience in upper comprehensive school. I have had a plenty of interesting work tasks and some charge at the moments. Still I thought: “What? Me working as a city bike ambassador? I can’t scrawl brilliant text to publish. ” I had mixed feelings. Mostly I didn’t trust myself at all. Weeks went on. At last I noticed I’ll manage with this. I surrendered to the summer city and beautiful words.  My friends and boss Erno helped me to wind down. Erno often says “No worries”. This summer I´ve learned that worrying just takes my cycling energy. Hailstorms, angry bikers and computers out of order. Summer in Tampere has teached me a lot. My mind’s “survivor bag” is full of ideas to apply and deal with situations. It has been exiting to be one of the adults: I’ve interviewed great people and got a business card. Not many in my age get a chance to learn as much about customs of work life as I got. I really appreciate a trust that Eco Fellows gave me. My summer went as quickly as I cycled. I didn’t have lack of things to write about and photograph. Tampere isn’t just Särkänniemi and black sausage even though they are a huge part of it. Keep your senses open; you´ll experience little details too. During these one and half months I’ve experienced more than in ten whole  years I’ve lived here. People and an atmosphere of my hometown have got me chance to fulfill visions and adventure here in my own way. Someone has thanked me for my work’s results. That is incredible. Tampere has chances for us 17-year-olders if we venture out to try our limits and skills. Even though my vacation begins I won’t forget my hometown and cycling.  I´ll remember this summer because of adventures, wonderful city bikers and reliable vehicles. -Siina Matihaldi